Who We Are

We’re a sight for sore eyes, a movable feast,  a rolling stone. We’re a creative collective of high-flying pros at the top of our games.

We gather around you to form a hive mind  that delivers unique and wonderful results for your project however small or large it may be.

What We Do

Sight creates powerful human connections through stunning live, virtual and hybrid experiences. We inspire, motivate, educate, engage and entertain.


Our experiences have the power to transform, elevate and excite. We craft inspiring narratives that connect people and brands, wherever you are.


We focus on show direction, theatre craft and the fine art of telling inspiring stories that entertain and motivate. We are:

What else can you do?

As much or as little as you like. We itemize everything for you in a shopping list and respond to the needs of your RFP or brief with clarity.

If you need us onsite as you are a global agency with no team in a location we are in like Flynn!  Need some arms and legs in pre-production before you arrive, our team is here to help!


Sight is the inspiration of Anna Patterson. She built an impressive foundation working for globally with MNC clients for 20 years, has dusted her magic across Shanghai and Singapore and most recently led a team of passionate event specialists working across Asia Pacific.

She leads the collective of Sight to empower and engage brands in their experiences.

Are you ready? 

Get in touch to see how we can visualise and help you...We have worked with some of the globes leading brands and incredible agencies over the years and we thank them for the opportunity and engagement with partners such as the below in the  IT, FMCG, Luxury, Hospitality and Technology verticals.


Sight is about bespoke and tailored solutions, if you need a Show Director or a Show caller for a day, a guide on the ground, cars to collect VIPS, don't know anything about a destination at all, or you need a top gun show team for a week, we can adapt our offering to suit your needs both full service, or role specific.

Where do we work?

We’re based in Singapore and work throughout ASEAN and APAC.

We do whatever you like.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever is needed to wow your audience with spectacular sights and highly-engaging experiences.